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This is disgusting and a total misrepresentation of the men’s human rights movement

 by men’s human rights movement do you mean the entirety of human history?

[Citation needed]
Look, I try to be civil, but I’m starting to get a little upset by just how oblivious you actually are to the issues men face..

I think you suffer from a limited point of view, to the point it seems you refuse to acknowledge the need for a “men’s rights movement” it is just another symptom of patriarchy, your least favorite word. You mock feminism and glorify mascuilsm and expect others to not follow suit? 

I’m afraid you have a fundamental misunderstanding of what exactly a “patriarchy” is. Here’s a short post which proves that, based on the defining characteristics of a “patriarchy”, we do not live in a patriarchy in western society.

And besides that, even if we accepted the premise of the patriarchy, there’s still the fact that in several cases, Feminism has fought AGAINST fixing the issues brought up by the Men’s Rights Movement.

And in the cases of child custody and men not being recognized as victims of domestic violence, Feminism was the direct cause of it. The Tender Years Doctrine is what lead to the disparity in child custody, and the Duluth Model and “primary aggressor” laws are what cause men to not be counted as domestic violence victims.

You know what the most hilarious thing is?

The “I need masculism” thing was a trap set by reddit, 4chan’s /r9k/ and /b/ boards. As well as some individuals from SA.  The entire point? To get feminists on twitter to expose themselves as horrible people. IT WORKED.

It worked phenomenally well. Look at the vast majority of the tweets mocking the term. They trivialize male issues, mock men as a gender, condescend -constantly-, and in general? Embarrass the fuck out of feminism. 

They fell for it hook, line, and fucking sinker. 

I think what’s phenomenally sad is that they started it by posting about valid gripes and what not, and there are perfectly valid tweets and discussions around the term. But a lot of it was meant to bring up the elephant in the room that male issues often tend to be among gender politics discussions. 

It’s kind of like the old joke about Something Awful, if you want a free title/avatar, just go to discussion and debate and start posting statistical facts. Someone will become so outraged you’re using facts to make a point or a point blank statement that is a direct conclusion from said stats. You’ll get them mad enough to buy a mocking avatar/title.

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Those are so cute and sexy

fuck off i’m 16

Are you stupid? I said nothing at all about you, and my comment was very clearly specifically about the shorts. And if you made them, you could have simply said “Thank you” for the compliment on the shorts. If you didn’t make them, you should have kept your ignorant mouth shut.

shut the fuck up that is MY body and MY shorts i am a young girl and i will not tolerate inappropriate comments about me and my clothes. you’re a predator so leave me alone and never call me ignorant again or you’ll fucking wish you hadn’t.

How about just not posting your underage ass on the internet? You might have an intended audience, but you don’t know who your followers are. It’s the INTERNET, for fuck’s sake! They could be fucking ANYBODY, so at your age you need to be careful about what you post and what you’re inviting into your life. The internet is like sex, drugs, and alcohol: They are some of the best things in the world, but they must be used responsibly.

Lmao she posted a picture of herself in a pair of My Little Pony shorts and some 40 year old dude practically jizzed in his pants over it but SHE’S the problem. OK. Let’s lecture the child but give the grown ass man a free pass. Get the fuck out of here.

What a fucking gross pervert. You are a 40 year old man swearing at and sexualizing a 16 year old girl, all the while claiming on your blog you want to ~empower~ women (which is some bullshit) and saying you ‘prefer younger women’ and calling yourself daddy in your URL. This is some real creepy shit. You are an adult. Behave like one and don’t sexualize children and then blame them for your own wrong doings!

No really, men are shit. Look at this disgusting pedophile perv harassing a young girl and blaming her for his predatory and repugnant comments.  

And this poor girl deleted her blog because of this.  I fucking can’t anymore, the male sense of entitlement is ridiculous and needs to be stomped the fuck out.  I am done being passive or polite in public, I am a 36 year old woman and I am finished keeping my eyes lowered when I walk on the street in order to try and not attract the wrong sort of attention.  I will walk with my head high, pepper spray in one hand, keys in the other and I will mace the fuck out of any man I see harassing or intimidating little girls.  FUCK YOU ALL 

you all want to make me punch myself in the face

Ok first of they are not ‘My Little Pony’ shorts, they just have a unicorn on them. Stop stereotyping. Secondly, he said nothing about her body at all, he didn’t say ‘they make your ass look sexy’ he said that he thought that the shorts were. That is not making a sexual remark about her, that is commenting on the aesthetics of the clothes. ‘Men are shit’- wow, I assume that whoever made that statement is a feminist which means you want equality, which means you need to stop demonizing men and accept them as equals. You wanted to be treated nicely then bloody well treat men nicely too. 

Marvelous. Don’t forget ‘the male sense of entitlement is ridiculous and needs to be stomped the fuck out’, because all men are of course born the same and can totally be pigeonholed because they think and act identically.  Seriously, what even happened in this post.